Apply for Class Use

University Classes

Applications for class use may be made through the Reserve Application Management System(link is external). Applications and reservations should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the intended visit.

Class and Field Trip Leader Responsibilities

Instructors and leaders are fully responsible for the safety and behavior of their students.  All users must agree to our Code of Conduct to submit an application in RAMS. It is the responsibility of the instructor to relay this information to the students and take full responsibility for their actions and behavior.  We require that class instructors and trip leaders stay onsite and in the dorm or living space accommodations with their students. Our staff here are fully busy keeping the station operating, and we do not have the time, resources or training to supervise students.

School Groups (K-12):

Applications for school groups may also be made through the Reserve Application Management System(link is external). Please contact the Education Coordinator, Carole Lester, at (805) 893-5655 or by email(link sends e-mail) with any questions.

Waiver of Liability:

Each non-UC, overnight visitor to the reserve must sign and return a release agreement prior to visiting the reserve. Release agreements for minors must be signed by then parent or legal guardian. It is the responsibility of the group leader (the person who signs the application) to find out who in their group must sign a release agreement and to insure that they are on file with the reserve director prior to the proposed visit.

VESR Waiver (Docusign)(link is external)

Payment Information:

  • See the Rates and Payment Page for more information on Rates and Payment
  • Users will be charged for the dates and the number of people they book at the time of application, unless they bring more people or stay longer.
  • Payment may be made by UC recharge, by invoicing your college or university department, or by personal check or credit card
  • Please do not bring cash, we will send you an invoice following your visit
  • If part of a large group, please arrange for one individual to pay for the group
  • The group leader is responsible for making sure each participant is aware of reserve policies and guidelines listed on the application and in the information packet on the application website.