Apply to Do Research

Applications for research use may be made through the Reserve Application Management System. Applications and reservations should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the intended visit. If you have more than one research project, a separate application must be filed for each project. It is important to indicate on the application the approximate duration of the proposed research project. Approved applications are valid for one field season only (from date of approval through June 30) but may be renewed annually via the web for the duration estimated on the application. You only need one application and one reservation for your project.  Each time you visit, please “add a visit” under participants tab of the reservation page.  For each visit please specify the date and all the categories of participants to that visit.  Please describe your project sufficiently such that the question and methods are clear. 

For new research projects, please contact the Reserve Director to discuss the project requirements and suitability.

  • Logon to RAMS and follow the instructions to complete an application.
  • A new application must be submitted for each project, however multiple visits (“activities”) or reservations may be appended to a single application.
  • The Reserve Staff will be notified automatically and will review and approve the application.
  • Download and submit Waivers of Liability as required.

Housing Assignments

We are a small field station and need to support a wide array of research and teaching activities.  We are a highly used station, and during our peak periods we need every available bed.  Our university approved rate policy is based on a rate per person per night, and we do not have different rates for different houses or types of lodging.  We do our best to group people into spaces by classes and research teams, and try not to mix unless we really need to do so.  We will do our best to accomodate any special requests. We fully understand that everyone would love to have their own space, however that is often not possible here.  As a field station we try our best to support as many valid uses as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.

Payment Information:

  • See the Rates and Payment Page for more information on Rates and Payment
  • Users will be charged for the dates and the number of people they book at the time of application, unless they bring more people or stay longer.
  • Payment may be made by UC recharge, by invoicing your college or university department, or by personal check or credit card
  • Please do not bring cash, we will send you an invoice following your visit
  • If part of a large group, please arrange for one individual to pay for the group
  • The group leader is responsible for making sure each participant is aware of reserve policies and guidelines listed on the application and in the information packet on the application website.