Rates and Payment

Check availability

To check whether the reserve has space available for you and/or your group, see our reservation calendar.


  • Users will be charged for the dates and the number of people they book at the time of application, unless they bring more people or stay longer.
  • Payment may be made by UC recharge, by invoicing your college or university department, by personal check and we are now accepting credit card payments. See below for instructions.
  • Please do not bring cash.
  • If part of a large group, please arrange for one individual to pay for the group.
  • You will be sent an invoice following your visit – we cannot accept advance payment


Download a pdf of our Rate Chart

Rate Chart for Valentine Camp

RateUnit of CostUCNon-UC
Researchers, Individuals, Groups per person/night$30.00$47.55
University Classes (2 night minimum)per person/night (2 night minimum)$20.00$31.70
Dorm Sole Use – Non Class Groupsper group/night$750.00$1188.75
Dorm Sole Use – University Classesper class/night$500.00$792.50
Monthly housing (1st person)per person per month$700.00$1109.50
Monthly housing (additional person)per person per month$300.00$475.50
Laboratory Space   
Dailyper space/day$20.00$31.70
Monthlyper space/month$300.00$475.50
Office Space   
Daily per day$20.00$31.70
Monthlyper month$175.00$277.38
Meeting Space (Page Center – 120)   
Daily – First Day of Useday$200.00$317.00
Daily – Each Additional Dayday$100.00$158.50
Administrative Assistancehour$50.00$78.25
Steward Assistancehour$69.00$107.99
Reserve Director Assistancehour$95.00$148.68
Valentine classroom (20)day$60.00$95.10
SNARL conference room (12)day$60.00$95.10
Stream Channelmonth$60.00$95.10
Campingper person/night$15.0023.78
Printing – Black and Whiteeach$0.07$0.07
Printing – Coloreach$0.15$0.15
* All rates vaild for 2022   

Pay by check: Make check out to UC Regents and mail to Natural Reserve System, MSRB 520, Mail Code 6150, University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150.

Pay by credit card

Pay by electronic fund transfer: Notify the UCSB NRS campus office when you initiate the transfer by emailing Deby Puro (deby.puro@ucsb.edu). For international transfers, please add enough to cover the bank fees that will be charged to the NRS.